The United States recommends vaccination of all children over 6 months of age, whereas France recommends those with risk factors. As a point of reference, the Center for Disease Control published statistics for the 2012-13 season; 158 children died in the U.S., from influenza-associated illness. It's a more significant problem than most of us realise.

Children under age 8 who receive the vaccine for the first time need two doses separated by by 4 weeks. If they received one or more doses of the 2010-11 vaccine, they only need one dose. As of 2018, all children receive a full dose regardless of age (here in France; one US vaccine still requires a half-dose for infants). 

For infants under 6 months, recommendations in the USA and France are to vaccinate the family and all caretakers in close contact.

The vaccine can be had at the pharmacy without a prescription; all US insurance companies pay for it for children. The vaccine is reimbursed by the French government for all at-risk children. The cost is about 11 euros.

Generally Gripguard and Pandemrix are to be avoided; good options are Vaxigrip and Fluarix.

In 2018 there is a tetravalent version (called Vaxigrip Tetra, etc) was introduced.

Please discuss with Dr. Lovejoy should your child be allergic to eggs.

No influenza vaccine sold in France contains adjuvants. 

Please note that if you make a shot visit the charge is 60 euros for up to two patients. Please be sure to verify with the secretary that you have scheduled a “half visit,” or a “shot visit,” which is 15 minutes in length.