As of January 18, 2021, the influenza vaccine is available for *anyone* who wishes one. Of note, for adults please respect a period of two weeks between the flu and Covid vaccine, should you or someone close qualify for the Covid shot.

For pediatrics, high-risk includes pregnant woman and their families; and the entourage of newborns under age 6 months; and any child (and entourage) with chronic disease). The only one recommended for both infants and children is Vaxigrip Tetra. InfluVac Tetra is available for children 3 years of age and older. The American nasal vaccine is now available, but there are certain restrictions, so please discuss with Dr Lovejoy.


It is more important this year than in the past to vaccinate, to avoid co-infection this winter with the coronavirus and the influenza virus.


Please note that if you make a "shot visit," for up to two children, the time allotted and the fee are both one-half the normal visit. Please make a full visit for 3 and more children/parents. This can't be done online, but via the secretaries.


The United States recommends vaccination of all children over 6 months of age, whereas France recommends those with risk factors. As a point of reference, the Center for Disease Control published statistics for the 2012-13 season; 158 children died in the U.S., from influenza-associated illness. This was confirmed in a recent 2019 article. It's a more significant problem than most of us realize.


Children under age 8 who receive the vaccine for the first time need two doses separated by by 4 weeks. As of 2018, all children receive a full dose regardless of age (here in France; one US vaccine still requires a half-dose for infants). 


For infants under 6 months, recommendations in the USA and France are to vaccinate the family and all caretakers in close contact.


The vaccine can be had at the pharmacy without a prescription; all US insurance companies pay for it for children. The vaccine is reimbursed by the French government for all at-risk children. The cost is about 12 euros.


No influenza vaccine sold in France contains adjuvants.