The American Hospital is authorized to have eight American physicians, who serve the American and greater anglophone community.


Currently there are two American physicians, out of a total of four hundred physicians in total.


American doctors have multiple obstacles to establishing and maintaining their practice in France, none of which are shared by their French colleagues. No American physician has been successfully hired since Dr. Lovejoy, in 2005.


Many Americans and anglophones come to the AHP and are surprised by the small American presence. Anglophone patients often note that there is a Japanese section, with translators; as well as a Chinese section and an Arab section. There is currently no American section, though there is significant demand.


One American physician will retire in a few years; and Dr Lovejoy was recently demoted. The AHP ideally offers the best of American and French medical practice; it is worrisome that in a few years, our hospital may have no American physicians whatsoever.


If you would like to give voice to the importance of the American aspect of the AHP, please support us in writing. A letter to the Board of Governors, and to the CEO, would do more to help than anything else. Thank you.